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Author, Model and Social Influencer; I am a woman of many moods. Join me in my journey as I create smiles and spread joy across this beautiful world.

I’m a German woman full of life-energy and experiences. I desire food, fitness, good company and everything that makes life colored, exciting and beautiful. I am always passionate to reach my personal goals and make my life enjoyable and without too much stress. I am working with social media since nearly 10 years now and I can say that it is an amazing experience and Instagram is just great to help me reach my goals. I started to do photo-shoots, when I was 32 years old after my huge weight loss which transformed me into a different person. The shootings helped me, to learn more about myself and to accept my body like it is now with all the scars, cellulite, bumps and wobbly skin. Well, I am still the same kind person but I gained more self-confidence and learned to love what I got.

Because of all my struggles in life I have become strong and now I know exactly what I want and I like to share my experiences with my lovely followers on social media. I always wanted to be so many things; a photographer, a model, an actress, having my own brand and so on and so forth. But I never had an idea what I really wanted in my life. I had no goals and I had a lot of trauma to deal with. After school, I started to learn a good job and started working in an office. But this was never my final goal and I was always searching for many years as to what could make me really happy. I always wanted to work with people and share my experiences with those who struggled a lot in life too. Finally, I found something what makes me happy next to my current job and can literally combine my interests, all my abilities and my passion into one single thing called being an Instagrammer. Now I can be a photographer, a model and a business woman at the same time. I like to get comments, positive feedback and people are often thankful for my support. The biggest thing in the world is to help people and to make them happier. This is the best feeling somebody can ever have.

Now I did the next step to give everything the personal touch to it. I have built this website for my fans and this is my baby! There is more behind the person, Sandra, than just looking good and losing over 80 kg weight. I feel like it is high time to show that. With this personal website, I would like to give you a personal insight into my life, my interests and my feelings. I can’t wait to not only share pictures but to really talk to you!

Lots of Love,


Its all about timing, and that’s all.

“Beauty is grace and confidence. I’ve learned to accept and appreciate what nature gave me.”

— Lindsay Lohan


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